VueJs - Overview

Vue.js is an open source progressive JavaScript front-end framework that was built to organize and simplify web development. It is one of the famous frameworks used to simplify web development.

VueJS Features

  • Templates - Vue uses an HTML-based template syntax that allows you to declaratively bind the rendered DOM to the underlying Vue instance’s data. All Vue templates are valid HTML that can be parsed by spec-compliant browsers and HTML parsers

  • Components - Components are one of the most powerful features of Vue. They help you extend basic HTML elements to encapsulate reusable code. At a high level, components are custom elements that Vue’s compiler attaches behavior to. In some cases, they may also appear as a native HTML element extended with the special is attribute.
    All Vue components are also Vue instances, and so accept the same options object (except for a few root-specific options) and provide the same lifecycle hooks.

  • Routing - vue-router is the official router for Vue.js. It deeply integrates with Vue.js core to make building Single Page Applications with Vue.js a breeze.

  • Event Handling - v-on directive to listen to DOM events and run some JavaScript when they’re triggered.

  • Lightweight - VueJS script is very lightweight and the performance is also very fast.