PHP If...Else

PHP Flow-Control Statements

In PHP, Control Statements are used for controlling the flow of execution of a program.

Conditional statements, such as if/else and switch, allow a program to execute different pieces of code and loops, such as while, do-while and for, support the repeated execution of code.

Below the several statements in PHP

  • if
  • if...else
  • if...elseif....else

if Statement

if statement is used to execute a block of code only if condition is true

  $num = 15;
  if ($num == 15) 
  echo "Number is equal to 15"; // Output Number is equal to 15

php if statement flowchart

if...else Statement

if...else statement is used to execute a block of code whether condition is true or false

  $num = 15;
  if ($num > 10) 
  echo "Number is greater than 10";
  echo "Number is less than 10"; 
  // Output Number is greater than 10 

php if else statement flowchart

if...elseif...else Statement

if...elseif...else statement is used to executes different codes for more than two conditions.

  if ($var1 > $var2) 
    echo "var1 is bigger than var2";
  elseif ($var1 == $var2) 
    echo "var1 is equal to var2";
    echo "var1 is smaller than var2";

php if else if statement flowchart